Email Marketing

Did you know that 60% of businesses do not re-target previous customers what so ever? Did you also know that on average, returning customers spend 3 times as much as new ones? We’ll help you create a brilliant engaging program to roll out great campaigns and see even greater returns.
Communication Done Right!

How do we do it?

We believe in absolute quality, each campaign that we create is not only attractive but carries a branded meaning, voice and spirit. Our expert team will create beautiful engaging content and targeted messaging that will help you not only engage more, but engage the right groups for the purpose of your campaign. Whether it’s to let your customers know that you’re offering new services, creating branded corporate mail-outs or sending personalized thank you notes to every new buyer based on their transaction – we’ve got you covered.

List Building
Felling behind the email marketing game? It’s never too late to start. Let us help you build up an impressive list and design a great marketing program.
Surveying & Data
Struggling to grasp what your customer base thinks of your business? We’ll help you engage relevant customers to gather the data you need.
Marketing & Promotions
Email is one of the highest converting digital channels to date. We’ll help you make your next promotion an absolute “out of the water” success.
Automated Marketing
Tired of sending manual emails several times per day? We’ll help you set up fluid automated marketing campaigns tailored to your business workflow.

Let’s talk about what N2 Marketing can do for your business.