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We are the top SEO company in Edmonton &?Calgary. Since 2017 we've helped over 100 Canadian businesses leverage intelligent internet marketing by working with our Edmonton SEO?Experts to help them get more exposure and business for their company from their local communities and overtake their competition.
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What can SEO do for you?

In this day and age, most local businesses rely on word of mouth and referrals to keep their business afloat. Unfortunately, most of those businesses do not grow quick enough, and are completely dependent on new referrals to grow, while being constantly passed over by their competitors. They don't focus on working with agencies offering SEO Edmonton services. What these businesses don't know, is that they're passing up on hundreds or even thousands of business opportunities from the web, that their competitors are using to grow their business quickly.

Do you want more revenue for your business?
Do you want more customers in your area to consider you as their first choice?
Do you want to get ahead of all of your competition in Edmonton?

If you answered "Yes" to any of those questions, then investing in working with our Edmonton SEO Experts is the right way to go.

What kind of results can N2 Marketing achieve?

In the last year, we've helped over a hundred Canadian companies grow their business & make the internet one of their primary sources of revenue. Many people considering our services often ask us what sort of results they should expect from investing in Search Engine Optimization & Digital Marketing services with us.

We begin every internet marketing project that we take on with an initial consultation and a website / keyword audit to help the business owner get a grasp of what their existing opportunities are. For example, should you rank for "best mechanic in Edmonton" or focus down on "mechanic near me". We will show you all of your options, the potential that each keyword option carries to bring in new business and how much it will cost to target each of the keyword options.

Once we have selected the focus keywords and prioritized them according to our clients' priorities, we will provide a concrete guarantee alongside a time-frame. Whether we are targeting the top spots, or just want to get onto the first page for some of our most important keywords, we will keep our promises and make sure that you, as a customer, will see the kind of result that you're expecting from working with the top SEO agency in Edmonton.

In-fact here are some of our recent Edmonton SEO results:

seo edmonton client results screenshot
seo edmonton client results screenshot
seo edmonton client results screenshot
seo edmonton client results screenshot

"The team was a great choice for our SEO. We saw a substantial increase in online sales & visitors for all of our target keywords, and N2 has definitely changed my mind when it comes to trusting in SEO and agencies that offer it."

Melissa R.
Co-Founder at Mia Bijoux

"We brought on N2 Marketing to revamp our SEO and I'll happily say that it was one of the better choices I've made in my career. We've never been with another agency that was this attentive to detail and delivered on every promise to the dot. In short: I highly recommend N2 Marketing to anyone considering an SEO campaign."

Jon H.
Marketing Manager at Circuit Breaker Wholesale

"Your team was an awesome help in getting our store launched, and breaking into the market that we had so much trouble with. One of the biggest roles in our store's growth definitely goes out to everyone at N2 Marketing."

Chris T.
Founder & CEO at Higher Grounds Trading Company

Why is Search Engine Optimization important for local businesses in the Edmonton area?

Most of your customers start their search for products & services by looking up local companies just like you on Google. Most business owners in Edmonton aren't focusing on the internet as a primary source of business.

"We were very surprised that there were over 1,400 people searching for mortgage brokers in our area. Without N2 Marketing, we wouldn't have even thought of marketing on the internet to grow our brokerage."
Victor K. - Mortgage Broker in Calgary, AB


Many business owners simply create a page on Google My Business, Yelp and maybe a few other listing websites, and expect customers to just come in scores, and when the customers aren't coming, they become very disappointed with their progress and start to think that the internet isn't worth to advertise on.

Unfortunately, most of these companies don't realize that they need to appear where their customers are searching, and it's not Yelp or Yellow pages, it's Google. Just creating one or two profiles isn't enough to start appearing on-top of the search results in front of customers that are looking for the services your provide.

It takes a lot of time and effort for the average owner to learn about internet marketing, search engine optimization, adwords, facebook and the other myriad of methods you can leverage to get more customers online. And most people simply don't have that time available. Just imagine having to run your business while learning how to do keyword research, link building, on-page & technical optimization, what keyword density is, trying to understand trust flow and citation flow alongside NAP?citations. Doesn't that sound like a handful?

That's why N2 Marketing exists! We're here to help business owners worry less about marketing while saving a lot of time & money, and growing their business to a whole new level by helping you appear at the top for local search results.

Our expert local search optimization strategies are perfect for you if you want to:

  • Get more foot traffic to your physical location from google search.
  • Rank your Google Business (Google Places) listing at the very top in your area.
  • Get more great reviews from happy customers in your area.
  • Rank your website at the very top for every relevant search in Edmonton and all over Alberta.
  • Make sure that customers consider you their number 1 option when they're looking for your services.
  • Grow your business & revenue every single month without investing a crazy amount of money.

Local Google Search Optimization services are the most cost-effective way to bring in new customers. Imagine someone making a search for your company, your products or one of the services that you offer and seeing your website appearing at the very top for every single one of those searches. What could an extra 100 customers coming every month from Google do for your business? What if it's 1000 new customers. The typical local SEO campaign with N2 Marketing costs between $500-$2000 per month and takes 4-6 months to achieve optimal results. As one of our Local Edmonton SEO clients you'll make the investment once, and then see returns piling up month after month for years to come.

What do our optimization campaigns look like?

Step 1: Indepth Local SEO Audit

Our experts will go through your entire website to identify any sort of errors within your pages that would stop a search engine like Google from crawling your website to understand it's contents properly. We look at elements like: internal link structure, indexability errors, page structure errors, image seo optimization, nap citation flow as well as your how your backlinks pass authority down to the rest of your website's pages.

Step 2: Keyword Research & Planning

Once we've got a good picture of what's going on inside of your website, we will begin researching some of the best keywords for you to target, which will put you right in front of the customers searching for you on Google. We will take a look at what you're already ranking for and what you will need to rank for in the future and use that information to put together an easy to follow SEO?campaign action plan to get your website to the very top of search results.

Step 3: On-Page & Technical Optimization

As soon as we have a great plan put together, our services team will start rolling out your optimization campaign. We will go through the entire list of errors that we uncovered in Step 1 to make sure that they're all fixed and search engine bots can get around your website with no problem. Our Search engine optimization experts will also optimize your content to make sure that it's understood by Google properly, in a way that will help you appear above your competition.

Step 4: Linkbuilding, Analytics &?Research

At this point, your site will have a very clean foundation to rank in search engines, and the last piece is making sure that they see the content of your website's pages as very authoritative. This is done with backlinks from other sites. This step is one of the most important parts of our campaigns as this is where we interlink all of your online listings with your website to make sure Google knows that you're local, and puts you higher for local searches.

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